Program Learning Outcomes for Economics

  • Prepare students for employment in a variety of public and private organizations.
  • Prepare students for further study in graduate or professional schools.
  • Apply economic analysis to evaluate everyday decisions and policy proposals.
  • Propose viable solutions to practical problems in economics.
  • Use empirical evidence to support an economic argument.
  • Conduct statistical analyses of data, and interpret statistical results.
  • Communicate effectively in written, spoken and graphical form about economic issues.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Economics (120 units)

Summary of Units:

Lower Division Requirements (9-10)
Upper Division Requirements  (19)
Upper Division Major Elective Requirements (12)
Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements (80)
Total Units 120

Lower Division Requirements (9-10 units):

  • ECON 110 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
  • ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

Select either:

  • MATH 140 Calculus for Business Applications (3)
  • MATH 150 Calculus I (4)

Upper Division Requirements (19 units):

  • ECON 310 Intermediate Microeconomics (3)
  • ECON 311 Intermediate Macroeconomics (3)
  • ECON 488 Econometrics (4)
  • ECON 496 Seminar in Economic Analysis (3)
  • ECON 499 Capstone (3)

Select either:

  • MATH 329 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics (3)
  • MATH 352 Probability and Statistics (3)

Upper Division Major Elective Requirements (12-17 UNITS):

Students must obtain a grade of C- or better in each of these courses to apply them to the Economics Major. Select a minimum of four upper division courses in economics (or approved courses outside of economics) as follows: 

*Note: ECON 497 must be taken for 3 units in order to be applied to the major.
A minimum of two courses must be taken from interdisciplinary courses offered by Economics.

  • ECON 330-349 or 430-449 course Units: 3
  • ECON 330-349 or 430-449 course Units: 3

A minimum of two economics courses at the 400 level

  • ECON 400 level course Units: 3
  • ECON 400 level course Units: 3

Economic Options

In lieu of the Upper Division Major Electives above, students may elect to complete one of the following Options:

Additional General Education & Other Graduation Requirements -80 units

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (40 units must be upper division) including all General Education (GE) and Graduation Requirements. The following areas must be included:

  • Additional Lower Division A-E (GE) Requirements not met within the major
  • Nine units of Upper Division Interdisciplinary GE (UDIGE), courses are numbered 330-349 and 430-449. Six units may be within the major, 3 units must be outside the major (C or better grade)
  • Multicultural Requirement (C or better grade)
  • Language Requirement (C or better grade)
  • American Institutions Requirement
  • Free electives as needed to meet minimum units for graduation

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