Program Learning Outcomes for Business

  • Prepare students for employment in a variety of public and private organizations.
  • Prepare students for further study in graduate or professional schools.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by identifying, evaluating, synthesizing, and presenting issues related to accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing.
  • Demonstrate communication skills by writing excellent reports and papers and making effective oral presentations in English.
  • Demonstrate collaboration skills by working effectively with others in group settings - both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Demonstrate personal conduct that reflects an ethical understanding of complex business, economic and social issues.
  • Demonstrate basic competencies in the academic disciplines related to regional, national and global business and economics.

BS in Business Online

For more information visit Bachelor of Science In Business Online.

BS Business at Santa Barbara/Goleta

For more information visit Bachelor of Science In Business at Santa Barbara/Goleta.

MVS Business Major Graduation Road Map

For more information visit Four-Year Business BS Degree (Catalog Year 2019-2020) (MS Word, 27.1KB).

Course Syllabi Archive

An Archive of syllabi for Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing courses. Learn More

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