Requirements for the Minor in Business Management (21 units)

The minor in Business Management offers students a foundation in principles related to managing people. The minor stresses critical thinking and the application of management concepts in a variety of organizational environments. The minor provides non-business majors with a basic understanding of management issues.

Lower Division Requirements (9 units)

ACCT 210 Financial Accounting (3)
BUS 110 Business Law (3)

Select one of the following:
ECON 110 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
ECON 300 Fundamentals of Economics (3)

Upper Division Requirements (12 units)

Choose four from the following:
BUS 320 Business Operations (3)
BUS 424 Business, Government and Society (3)
MATH 329 Statistics for Business and Economics (3)
MGT 307 Management of Organizations (3)
MGT 310 Management of International Business (3)
MGT 325 Entrepreneurial Management (3)
MGT 326 Scientific and Professional Ethics (BIOL) (3)
MGT 421 Human Resource Management (3)
MKT 310 Principles of Marketing (3)
MKT 311 Consumer Behavior (3)