School of Business and Economics Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes 

Hello MVS School Students,
As you know, CSU Channel Islands will be offering a majority of our coursework through an online/virtual modality next Fall. All MVS School courses will be offered online/virtually. Below you will find a chart which identifies the type of online instructional delivery planned for Fall 2020. Please let your Chair/Academic Program Director know if you have additional questions.

virtual synchronous course is a course where students will be required to attend class at a specified time, albeit virtually (for example, through zoom). Class meeting times are noted on the class schedule. 

virtual asynchronous course is a course where students will NOT be required to attend class at a specified time. 

Accounting (ACCT) 

ClassSec TitleDaysTimesFormat
ACCT 21001Financial AccountingM6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
ACCT 21002Financial AccountingT3:00-5:50 PMSynchronous
ACCT 22001Managerial AccountingM3:00-5:50 PMSynchronous
ACCT 30001Applied Managerial Accounting F1:00-3:50PMSynchronous
ACCT 30002Applied Managerial AccountingWF9:00-10:15AMSynchronous
ACCT 30003Applied Managerial AccountingWF10:30-11:45AM Synchronous

Business (BUS) 

BUS 11001Business LawM6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
BUS 11002Business LawWF9:00-10:15 AMSynchronous
BUS 11003Business LawWF10:30-11:45 AM Synchronous
BUS 31001Bus Discourse 21 Century Prof   Asynchronous
BUS 31002Bus Discourse 21 Century Prof  Asynchronous
BUS 31003Bus Discourse 21 Century Prof  Asynchronous
BUS 31004Bus Discourse 21 Century ProfTH6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
BUS 31005Bus Discourse 21 Century ProfTH3:00-5:50 PMSynchronous
BUS 31006Bus Discourse 21 Century Prof  Asynchronous
BUS 31007Bus Discourse 21 Century Prof  Asynchronous
BUS 32001Business OperationsM6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
BUS 320 02Business OperationsF1:00-3:50 PMSynchronous
BUS 320 03Business Operations  Asynchronous
BUS 320 04Business Operations  Asynchronous
BUS 320 05 Business Operations  Asynchronous
BUS 499 01CapstoneT9:00-11:50 AMSynchronous
BUS 499 02CapstoneTH6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous

Economics (ECON) 

Class SecTitleDaysTimeFormat
ECON 11001Principles of MicroeconomicsM9:00-11:50AMSynchronous
ECON 11002Principles of MicroeconomicsTTH9:00-10:15AMSynchronous
ECON 11003Principles of MicroeconomicsTTH12:00-1:15PMSynchronous
ECON 11004Principles of MicroeconomicsWF9:00-10:15AMSynchronous
ECON 11004Principles of MicroeconomicsWF10:30-11:45AMSynchronous
ECON 11101Principles of Macrooeconomics WF9:00-10:15AMSynchronous
ECON 31001Intermediate MicroeconomicsTH9:00-11:50AMSynchronous
ECON 31002Intermediate Microeconomics  Asynchronous
ECON 31003Intermediate MicroeconomicsM3:00-5:50PMSynchronous
ECON 31101Intermediate MacroeconomicsWF10:30-11:45AMSynchronous
ECON 31102Intermediate MacroeconomicsF1:00-3:50PMSynchronous
ECON 31103Intermediate MacroeconomicsTTH6:00-7:15PMSynchronous
ECON 48801EconometricsM9:00-11:50AMSynchronous
ECON 488 1AEconometrics LabT9:00-10:50AMSynchronous
ECON 49201Service Learning/Internship  Asynchronous

Finance (FIN)

FIN 300  01Business Finance  Asynchronous
FIN 30002Business FinanceT3:00-5:50PMSynchronous
FIN 30003Business FinanceTH3:00-5:50PMSynchronous
FIN 41101Corporate Finance MgmtT9:00-11:50AM Synchronous
FIN 41301Investment Analysis  Asynchronous

Management Information Systems (MIS) 

MIS 31001Management Information Systems   Asynchronous
MIS 31002Management Information SystemsTTH 1:30-2:45PMSynchronous
MIS 31003Management Information Systems  Asynchronous
MIS 31004Management Information Systems  Asynchronous

Management (MGT)

MGT 30701Management of OrganizationsMW10:30-11:45AM Synchronous
MGT 30702Management of OrganizationsMW12:00-1:15 PMSynchronous
MGT 30703Management of OrganizationsTTH9:00-10:15AMSynchronous
MGT 30704Management of OrganizationsMW1:30-2:45 PMSynchronous
MGT 32501Entrepreneurial ManagementT12:00-2:50PMSynchronous
MGT 32601 Scientific and Professional EthicsM6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
MGT 32602Scientific and Professional EthicsMW3:00-4:15pmSynchronous
MGT 32603Scientific and Professional EthicsTH6:00-8:50 PMSynchronous
MGT 32604Scientific and Professional EthicsTTH1:30-2:45 PMSynchronous
MGT 32605Scientific and Professional EthicsTTH10:30-11:45AMSynchronous
MGT 42101Human Resources ManagementMW1:30-2:45 PMSynchronous

Marketing (MKT) 

MKT 31001Principles of Marketing M9:00-11:50AMSynchronous
MKT 31002Principles of MarketingTTH1:30-2:45PMSynchronous
MKT 31003Principles of MarketingW9:00-11:50AM Synchronous
MKT 31004Principles of MarketingW12:00-2:50PMSynchronous
MKT 31005Principles of MarketingTTH3:00-4:15 PMSynchronous
MKT/MGT 43101Digital AdvertisingTTH6:00-7:15 PMSynchronous
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