The Smith School routinely provide information on its performance, including student success such as assessment results, graduation rates, and employment. The following items are available to the public:

  1. Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results (PDF, 174KB)
  2. Graduation Rates Analysis (MS Excel, 11.2KB) for undergraduate students major in Business, MBA, and MBA/MS Biotech Dual Degree.
  3. Student Success Report (PDF, 84KB) for undergraduate students major in Business.

Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results

View the Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results (PDF, 174KB)

The program learning objectives for the B.S. in Business and MBA degrees were developed collaboratively by the faculty of the Smith School during the program's initial curriculum development. These objectives are listed in the following table.

Learning objectives for the B.S. in Business and MBA Degrees
DegreeLearning ObjectivesType of Evidence
B.S. in Business
  1. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by identifying, evaluating, synthesizing, and presenting issues related to accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing.
  2. Demonstrate communication skills by writing excellent reports and papers and making effective oral presentations in English.
  3. Demonstrate collaboration skills by working effectively with others in group settings - both inside and outside the classroom.
  4. Demonstrate personal conduct that reflects an ethical understanding of complex business, economic and social issues.
  5. Demonstrate basic competencies in the academic disciplines related to regional, national and global business and economics.

LO 1 & 2 use Internal and External Evidences

LO 3-5 use only Internal Evidence

Master in Business Administration

  1. Demonstrate high proficiency in critical thinking, oral and written communication, personal ethical conduct and collaboration skills.
  2. Demonstrate orally and in writing analytical and integrative skills in making business decisions.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the global operating environment of business.
  4. Produce written innovative and integrative business plans, including plans that adapt to uncertain and unpredictable environments.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of relevant disciplines.
  6. Demonstrate leadership skills in a variety of situations and settings.

The foundation of the BS in Business degree program is built on the 5 Cs which are used to measure Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration (teamwork)
  • Communication (oral and written English, mathematics)
  • Conduct (ethics)
  • Competencies (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing)

The foundation of the MBA program is also built on the 5 Cs and Leadership skills and Ability to Produce Business Plans.

Since its start in 2002, the Smith School has stressed a liberal arts approach in all its written materials, speeches, interviews, presentations and – most importantly – in its faculty hiring practices. Another indicator of its unique philosophy, Smith School BS in Business students take several required courses from other programs. These courses are not coded to business but are considered essential to the liberal arts based approach: Calculus and Applied Statistics taught by the Mathematics Program; Computer Information Systems taught by the Computer Science Program; Principles of Micro and Macro Economics and Intermediate Micro and Macro Economics taught by the Economics Program; Written and Oral communications taught by the English Program. In the MBA Program, students must take three Special Topics courses that often integrate several disciplines outside of business.

Business Students Graduation Rates

Undergraduate students graduation rate data is extracted from the CSU Student Success Dashboard. The Dashboard has been developed to help faculty, staff and administrators better understand the problem of low graduation rates, diagnose contributing factors, and target responses based on these discoveries. Using the Dashboard, campus leaders can monitor on-track indicators and better understand not only which milestones students are failing to reach, but why they are not reaching them. Students can also use the information to understand their chances of graduation in time

Employment Information of Graduates from Business Major and MBA Program

From CSU Channel Islands’ Alumni & Friends Association, we receive the following employment information that exemplifies the success of our graduates from Business major and MBA Program in the job market.

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